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Corporate social responsibility

It pays to be ‘good’ in business

In recent times being ethical has finally started to be seen as a real asset in the business world. This rise in consciousness is happening across the board, from consumers choosing to buy fairtrade food and FSC wood products, to major mainstream banks including ethical concerns in their criteria for selecting suppliers.

The Government is reacting to the trend and encouraging companies to move towards transparency and accountability. As of April 2006, all companies listed on the stock exchange now have to produce an annual operating and financial review (OFR), including social and environmental indicators. You can read the Government's corporate social responsibility (CSR) vision here.

CSR is not only about doing business in an ethical way. It also means ensuring that your company treats its stakeholders with care and respect and avoids harming the environment. Positive action, like contributing to charities or setting up car share schemes, is important too.

How can I help?

By doing a CSR audit

Working in conjunction with environmental consultants, I offer a service to assess your organisation’s ethical performance (economic, social and environmental) and produce a statement or report. You can then publish it on your website or distribute it to stakeholders, spreading the word about the efforts your company is making.

We can also help you identify ways you could improve for the future. Through changes such as increased energy efficiency you stand to save money, as well as the environment.

By publicising your efforts

I can help you to turn good ethical business practice into good marketing.

In addition to helping cut costs, CSR can actually make your organisation more successful, by increasing employee and customer satisfaction and attracting more business. Putting the word out there about what you’re doing will help make sure your efforts really pay off.

Whether you want to do that with a full CSR report, a short statement of your company’s ethical commitment, or just a press release or article about an environmental or social initiative you’re involved in, I’d be glad to help.

Let the world know you care!

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